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Preliminary list of Coleoptera heritage species of the Talassemtane National Park, Morocco

Yousra Benyahia, Hervé Brustel , Salwa El Antry, Olivier Courtin, Noureddin Maatouf, Lionel Valladares , Latifa Rohi, Journal of Insect Biodiversity 4(13): 1-30, 2016

A faunistic survey on beetles was conducted within the Talassemtane National Park (Western Rif, District of Chefchaouen), in order to improve knowledge of their local diversity, to assess species and provide the first list of heritage species. This is an inventory that took place for 3 consecutive years (2013-2015). Out of 550 species identified so far, 137 are processed in this document, which lists heritage species: 67 endemic to Morocco, 20 rare saproxylic and 48 species new to Morocco, including two new to science.

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