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 Synthesis diagram pointing out the multilevel effects of ALAN and the challenges of articulating organizational levels for a bottom-up approach of the dark ecological network

Couëdel A., Alletto L., Justes E., Desplanques J., David P., Valladares L., Brin A., Seassau C., 2021. CRUCIAL - Services écosystémiques produits par les cultures intermédiaires multiservices de légumineuses et de crucifères. Innovations Agronomiques 84, 217-225


Crucifers and legumes multi-services cover crop mixtures are an effective solution to mutualize ecosystem services related to nitrogen and sulphur cycle while providing a high biocontrol potential on soil-born pathogens. Mixtures provide the same nitrate and sulfate catch crop services and increase the nitrogen recycling green manure service compared to crucifers alone. Biocontrol potential of crucifer cover crops was assessed through their glucosinolate (GSL) production (profile and concentration) which vary according to the species but not among cultivars of the same species. In field conditions aliphatic GSL produced by forage radish seems to reduce incidence and severity of Verticillium dahliaeon sunflower. No mortality or flighton wireworm effect from crucifers was highlighted on Agriotes sordiduswirewormof maize.Ethiopian mustard seed meal significantly increased wireworm mortality in controlled conditions.

Keywords:Cultural control, Fallow period, Green manure, Mixtures, Glucosinolates, Verticillium dahliae, Agriotes sordidus


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