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Hyperspectral Image Unmixing With LiDAR Data-Aided Spatial Regularization

Uezato , T.; Fauvel, M.; Dobigeon,N., IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ( Volume: 56, Issue: 7, July 2018 )

Abstract :

Spectral unmixing (SU) methods incorporating the spatial regularizations have demonstrated increasing interest. Although spatial regularizers that promote smoothness of the abundance maps have been widely used, they may overly smooth these maps and, in particular, may not preserve edges present in the hyperspectral image. Existing unmixing methods usually ignore these edge structures or use edge information derived from the hyperspectral image itself. However, this information may be affected by the large amounts of noise or variations in illumination, leading to erroneous spatial information incorporated into the unmixing procedure. This paper proposes a simple yet powerful SU framework that incorporates external data [i.e. light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data]. The LiDAR measurements can be easily exploited to adjust the standard spatial regularizations applied to the unmixing process. The proposed framework is rigorously evaluated using two simulated data sets and a real hyperspectral image. It is compared with methods that rely on spatial information derived from a hyperspectral image. The results show that the proposed framework can provide better abundance estimates and, more specifically, can significantly improve the abundance estimates for the pixels affected by shadows.

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