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Dynafor au colloque Iale2023 à Nairobi (Kenya)

Annie Ouin a fait une présentation au 11th IALE World Congress - 2023 qui a eu lieu à Nairobi, Kenya, du 10 au 15 juillet 2023. Pour en savoir plus:

Titre : Nature Based Solutions to Promote Pest Regulation, Pollination and Related Species Diversity at Landscape Scale, in a Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Site in South Western France

Ouin Annie 1,2, Andrieu Emilie 1,2, Vialatte, Aude 1,2, Ollivier, Mélodie 1,2, Rivers-Moore, J. 1,2

1 Université de Toulouse, INP de Toulouse, INRAE, UMR DYNAFOR, Castanet-Tolosan, France;

2 LTSER ZA PYGAR, 31320 Auzeville Tolosane


Societal demand for multifunctional agricultural landscapes keeps increasing. Nature based solutions (NBS) consider the benefits of biodiversity and green infrastructures to support multiple ecosystem services but also their positive impact on the associated biodiversity, not directly involved in the ES provision. Ecosystem services based on mobile organisms such as pest regulation and pollination should be considered at landscape scale. In this study we examined how landscape heterogeneity could promote pest regulation and pollination and related species diversity in 36 landscapes of the ZA PYGAR, a Long-Term Socio- Ecological Research site in South Western France. Pest regulation was evaluated by predation cards (dead aphids, seeds, lepidopteran eggs) and potential of pollination was based on strawberry phytometers. We show how the different components of landscape heterogeneity (composition, configuration) and practices at local scale influence the predation rate on cards, strawberry weight, as well as carabid, spider and wild bee diversities. Wild bees seemed to be more affected by landscape heterogeneity than local practices with no effect on pollination. The production mode and local farming practices had more effects on predators like carabids and spiders. The first results showed than Nature Based Solutions such as grasslands or hedgerows planting would rather support wild bees’ diversity with no effect on pollination service while extensification of local practices and greening of the landscapes would favour predators’ diversity and pest regulation.


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