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Dynafor and its members participate in several scientific networks that cover all their activities and constitute sources of exchange and places for the dissemination of our knowledge.


Dynafor actively contributes to the French Society of Ecology and Evolution and leads its Landscape Ecology group. 

It contributes to the Centre d'Expertise Scientifiques (CES) of the THEIA cluster and to the "hyperspectral" group of the Société Française de Photogrammétrie et Télédétection (co-organisation of the 2019 conference). 

Dynafor participates in several GoRs (MAGIS, in particular the prospective action "Image analysis for monitoring environments", Statistical Ecology and MODYS) and Scientific Interest Groups (microdrone GIS). 

It continues the animation of the MAPS (multi-agent modelling applied to spatialized phenomena) and Commod (accompanying modelling) networks. 

Finally, following its involvement in several European projects, Dynafor contributes to informal networks, for example on dendromicrohabitats (TreM database), the European marteloscope network (INFORMAR project) or with iDiv on the evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy.



Through its involvement in the PYGAR ZA, Dynafor is a member of the Réseau des Zones Ateliers (RZA) and ILTER. Dynafor is also present in international OHMs (OHIM Pima-County), as well as in the Biosphere Reserves network (Man and Biosphere Programme) as INRA's representative on the Board of Directors. Dynafor is one of the few French units to be heavily involved in these different types of devices. This multiple involvement is extremely rich, it contributes in particular to a reflexive approach on the modes of co-construction of research projects within these mechanisms (Collab² project, 2019-2022)

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